February 2, 2012

W[elsh] T[oddler] F Rockclimbing??

I hate this kind of story, or at least posting about it, because it feels like the only point is to provoke WTF outrage. And also because people are already freaking the hell out all over the Facebook, and the woman's mumblog, so why engage?

But seriously, babywearing, rockclimbing, Welsh single mum with the helmet on your own melon, WHY THE @#()$ doesn't the kid get a helmet, too??

After receiving attention from the picture posted online of Ffion without a helmet, Ms Pritchard was quick to stress she never did anything she believed would put Ffion at risk.
Leave on the first F for WTF.

Rock climbing with baby on board for Menna Pritchard and Ffion, two [bbc via dt sr wtf correspondent sara]

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