February 2, 2012

No Singin' Cats Here


I'm sure it's beautifully done, but really, I'm only posting about Ithys Press's new letterpress edition of one of James Joyce's two stories for kids, The Cats of Copenhagen, which is actually the first time it's been published as a book, which, interesting, but seriously, the only reason I'm posting about it is so I can repost this awesome David Letterman tribute to Paul Newman.

The Cats of Copenhagen of James Joyce, in two editions, EUR1200 or EUR300 [ithyspress.com]
I am humbled and pleased to see that Daddy Types is still the top Google search for "Paul Newman Volvo"

COPYFIGHT UPDATE: The BBC reports that the notoriously cantankerous Joyce Foundation is outraged by the publication of this story, which came from the archives of the great author, specifically a 1936 letter he'd written to his young son, which was supposed to have been available only to "bona-fide scholars." As Ithys reminds the Foundation, however, Joyce's works entered the public domain on Jan. 1, 2012, so it basically sucks to be them. Old, control freaky habits die hard, I guess. [thanks dt]

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