January 21, 2012

K2 Playmobil Garden


We try to keep each Playmobil set intact and separate from the others, but I think I see a couple of invasive species in this garden.


How do you keep all those sets intact and separate? What's your organizing secret? our playroom seems to be a sea of mismatched toys with no hope of ever finding their proper home. Which renders all these sets so much less "playable." But then packing them all in individual containers takes up so much more space. Would love other DT readers' suggestions too.

The other day the kids had a playmobil Pirate and Roman soldier go down a water slide....

We just have shoebox-size boxes by theme--garden/house, construction, safari, etc.--for the little pieces. Only one set out at a time.

Oh wow, never happen. we'd never led the construction guys get NEAR the house.

We keep all of ours together in a big jumbled mess. The other day pirates kidnapped the baby Jesus and he was rescued by a fairy princess flying an airplane.

Alison, do you have a decent amount of secondary storage? I ask because if you rotate what toys are out and available to the kids then having everything in a labeled bin wouldn't take up a lot of space. Get one or more of these:


and the bins that go with them and let the storage limit the amount of toys you have available. Keep the rest organized in the basement/attic and then rotate them out when you get the chance.

Greg- clearly you have girls. Even my Montessori boys would not be able to adhere to the "one toy out at a time" rule and not get things mixed up once in a while!

guilty as charged. though that rule only really applies to the playmobil -ed.

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