January 16, 2012

Starck For Target Diaper Backpack


The color is basically like shooting pure, undiluted 2002 right into your veins, but unless the finish and quality are an problem, this new-condition, vintage Philippe Starck diaper backpack actually looks kind of nice.


Diaper Back Pack - PHILIPPE STARCK for TARGET--Baby Collection-Rare NEW, first bid $4.95+10 s/h, auction ends Jan. 22 [ebay]
UPDATE It sold for $34.50, including shipping.


Now Philippe Starck does diaper bags? What a talented man! I was sure he was only into lamps and bathroom interiors... Must be wonderful to be able to designing whatever! And yes the diaper bag looks like one a man would use. :-)

That's the one I had! it stained irrevocably the first time it was touched by diaper cream!

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