January 12, 2012

Nanna Bespoke Kid Management App By Jackie Ki

This is like seven kinds of awesome.


Designer Jackie Ki created this custom kid management app for an extended family in Los Angeles, so that five parents could keep track of seven kids and four nannies. It syncs and reports their schedules, their locations, their meds, their meals, and their handoffs, and it sends out alerts and daily reports to whomever.

I'm gonna guess that if there were an actual iPhone app that did this, the family probably would not have shelled out the dough to develop their own freakin' app. THEIR OWN APP, PEOPLE.

Jackie Ki | Nanna Project [jackieki via stork bites man


"...five parents could keep track of seven kids and four nannies."
White People Problems, yo.

Yeah, I've got to say, I think 7 kids and 4 nannies is a bit more expensive than an iphone app.

Just saying.

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