January 4, 2012

OG Toy Braun Blender From Creative Playthings


Well here's something you never see. Or at least I've never seen. It's apparently a toy-sized Braun Multimix blender, imported back in the day by Creative Playthings.

Which, does this make sense? It clearly dates from the Dieter Rams era, but I didn't know Braun ever made toy appliances. Except it appears they did. The eBay seller here says it's from Spain, and most of the Google results for the "Multimix 111" are from the Valencia Toy Fair in 1966 and '67. And there are some expired eBay.de results for "Multimix 111 FÜR KINDER." So I guess this was a thing.

Moving the Braun/Creative Playthings ball forward a bit, around the same time, Creative Playthings also imported a Braun Hobby Set Radio kit, which, according to this transistor radio kit history site, used a mercury switch to turn it on and off by standing it up or laying it flat.

1968 Braun transistor radio kit, image via abetterpage

It may have been a coincidence, and CP's founders were well known for scouting out high-design educational toys around the world, but it's worth noting that Julian Winston, one of the two key designers for Creative Playthings in the 60s, along with Gloria Caranica, had previously worked at Braun Packaging.

In any case, this mixer, unplayed in box, is definitely priced for design history.

VINTAGE BRAUN MULTIMIX 111 TOY BLENDER MADE IN SPAIN FOR CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS OLD, first bid $49.99+8 s/h or $145 buy it now, auction ends Jan 10 [ebay]

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