December 24, 2011

Star Trek Coloring Book


The crazy thing about this Star Trek color and activity book--besides the fact that I once bought it as blog fodder. And then didn't use it. And then lost it. And just found it while clearing out some books from a shelf I obviously haven't been to in a while. Which also had three equally rare but much more expensive books I'd been meaning to suck it up and buy for myself, because I'd apparently completely forgotten I already bought them years ago when they were, fortunately, much cheaper.

Is that even though the cover is clearly from Star Trek: The Movie, the actual coloring and game pages are pure The Original Series kitsch. No Admiral Kirk, no V-GER, no hot bald chick.

I hope I don't need a spoiler alert before I post the awesome last page. What's wrong with this page? Absolutely nothing, Captain! Beam them to the printer!


1 Comment

What is so neat is that when I saw this in my Retronaut email, my answer to the question of "What's wrong with this page?+" was the exact same as your's, "Absolutely nothing"!

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