December 14, 2011

Wee Irish Spring

Judging by his big, swingin', interactive, uncircumcised penis, I would say that the Baby Pirulin Pipi doll in this commercial grew up to be the Baby Wee-Wee toddler doll in the commercial Thingamababy wrote about in 2007.

At the time, AJ said the doll, made by the Spanish toy company Famosa, was available in the UK "a couple of years ago." The pee-on-dad commercial above first popped up, so to speak, in 2009. The EUR44 price indicates it's not the UK, but Ireland. And anyway, that commercial's dubbed.

But no matter, there's enough going on here to freak out uptight Americans for generations to come.

Epic commercial FAIL - Baby Wee-Wee [sic] [youtube via dt sr freakout correspondent sara]
2007: Baby Wee-Wee [thingamababy]

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