December 6, 2011

The Next Year Of The Dadblog Is Coming! DadcentricXSXSWi!

Someone or other has been proclaiming the year of the dadblog every year since, well, it seems like forever.

But now maybe 2012 will actually be it. Jason Avant of Dadcentric and Craig Heimbuch of Man of the House just got word that their panel on the Glorious Dawn of Dad Blogging was accepted at SXSWi next year in Austin.

Couple that with the Dad2Summit that Laid-Off Dad et al are cooking up beforehand, and who knows, by this time next year, we could all be working for Babble! Oh wait.

Whatever, high fives all around, fellas! Drink every time someone mentions Dooce!

Not Your Mommy's Blog: The Evolution of Dadblogging [ via @dadcentric]

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The Mayans foresaw all of this.

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