November 25, 2011

Auchan, Les Enfants! Mini Vintage Parisian Pop-Up Mall

For whatever reason, Paris seems to have some pretty solid sources for vintage kids' design. So it's tres interessant that a group of antique dealers and design shops in Paris have banded together for Mini Vintage, "le premier salon dédié au vintage enfant." The one-day show, December 10th will bring together vintage furniture, toys and clothing from all over.

Par example? you ask? Well, the website for one participating dealer Rien A Cirer, has this awesome, kid-sized, Prouve knockoff cabinet from the 50s. Too bad it's sold, but you get the idea.


So if you're going to be in Paris on December 10th, and you have half a shipping container to fill, why not storm the Bastille Design Center for Mini Vintage? It could be your last chance to use your euros, who knows?

Mini Vintage, 10 Dec. at Bastille Deisgn Center [ via publicists, I think]

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