November 23, 2011

Three Of These Folky Things Belong Together

People in New Jersey collected the darnedest things sometimes. Though this bedroom set is apparently from Southampton, so go figure.

Here are a couple of standout [sic] lots from Rago Arts' upcoming Estates auction:


Lot: 566: a whimsical bedroom furniture set, hand-painted by famous-in-Winston Salem outsider artist Sam McMillan, aka "The Dot Man," est. $1,000-1,500.


Lot 625: a "Black Forest Bear Chair," all from carved wood with some painted touches and glass eyes that's estimated to sell for $1,200-1,500, and which--dude, can you imagine the nightmares this thing would burn into your kid's brain if you put this in the corner of his room? You might as well have a Wizard of Oz flying monkeys mobile and a backlit Jason hockey mask nightlight while you're at it.

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