November 22, 2011

Dear BabbleDads, How Can You Tell Your Kids' Socks Apart?

No, seriously! I've gotten so used to socks with the age ranges written on the soles in gummy little letters, I'm stumped when they're not!


The difficult part in my house is telling the difference between my 5 year old daughter's socks and my wife's. It appears that our little girl may have inhereted my skis while my wife has tiny feet. My wife won't even let me fold the socks anymore (awesome side effect).

Target has kids socks with stripes around the toes. Different sizes have a different number of stripes. They're in the kids section instead of the baby/toddler section.

i gave up on matching socks...seems as though whenever the husband does the laundry, socks go missing, so the kid walks around with mismatched socks. nbd.

My son misses the gummy writing on the bottom too. Lots of skidding on the hardwood.

I'd make a silkscreen or template and just use some plastidip or plain silkscreen ink on the bottoms/soles. Or pick up some colored string and just put a few stitches in the toe so you can tell the owners apart. my son and daughter have distinct color/design preferences so telling the difference is still easy. when they get more white generic socks, I'm planning on going the silkscreen route with our last name and a symbol. Then it's just a matter of keeping track of what symbol everyone is currently using. the name will also help with lost clothes at school. my fall back idea is the colored thread stiches in the toe.

My parents used to label my three sisters' clothing with a system of dots written with a Sharpie. The oldest was one dot, the middle was two dots and the youngest was three dots. That way when they handed things down they just added another dot.

That dot system is BRILLIANT!

I use different color socks for different kids. The baby gets white, my daughter gets purple, and my oldest son gets beige. A little boring, but I always know whose socks are whose.

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