November 21, 2011

Go The F*ck To Print

If you give a kid an iPad, he's going to want to watch a Sesame Street clip on YouTube.
And if he watches YouTube, he's going to ask to watch just part of a movie.
And if you let him watch a movie, he's going to ask for some popcorn.
And if you give him some popcorn, he'll need to brush his teeth again.
And if he brushes his teeth again, he'll want a cup of water to go with it.
And if he drinks the water, he'll need to pee again.
And if he's in the bathroom, hello, you idiot, he's out of bed.
And the whole point was to put him to sleep!
So don't give him an iPad, just read a paper book already!

For Their Children, Many E-Book Fans Insist On Paper [nyt]



Ebook humor for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!



Ebook humor for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving! Tell everyone hello. I plan to bake Sally's Birthday blueberry pie tomorrow. I am a month behind according to my Epicurious Monthly Thanksgiving guide. I am on target with the pie, however.



Point taken. Hard to put the genie back in the bottle short of removing the iPad from one's home. Personally I much prefer reading real books to my children. They do clamor for the tablet device but moderation's key. And when it's out of sight, they don't remember why they desperately needed it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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