November 18, 2011

What Is Your Deal, O Beautiful Fawn Sled?


My gosh, but that is a beautiful sled. Simple, rustic, even, but with incredible design. Kiosk calls it a Fawn Sled, and there are like one or two other retailer results with that name, but nothing else pops out at me.

Is the Fawn Sled some sort of secretive Minnesotan slang, a cultural marker like a hot dish made with canned artichoke hearts and mayonnaise that just never crosses the border?

Come on, people, 'fess up about the fawn sled; don't make me ask Garrison Keillor about this now...

Fawn Sled, bent ash, $250 []


find siliar ones at canadian tire, up here

similar but far inferior...the sweeping curve of the runners mirrored in the back rest is awesome. I may need to make one.

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