November 15, 2011

Sun Ra At Bedtime


Sometimes the kids require a little attending to before they'll actually go to sleep. If my wife does it, that usually means some more hugs, or a little music, or checking in after they've been quiet for a few minutes.

If I do it, it usually means sitting in their room, working on my laptop, with no music, no nothing, until the shenanigans stop. Needless to say, they typically prefer their mother's bedtime routine.

Well, tonight, I went in, but for a little variety, I played Sun Ra's 18-minute "Watusa," recorded in Cairo in 1984 with the drummer/founder of Egyptian Jazz, Saleh Ragab. It knocked'em out.

Note: the cover image above is the vinyl version, which looks cooler than the CD: Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt

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