November 10, 2011

Am I The Only One Who Hasn't Seen The Other F Word?

Eight years in, and I never quite figure out how this stuff works. I like to think I'd have known about The Other F Word, Andrea Nevins' documentary about punk rocker dads, the moment it was greenlighted. But instead, I missed a publicist email somewhere, I hope, otherwise, I really need to rethink my punk dadblogging strategy.

Because I ended up reading about the movie in the papers like everyone else. And then I saw an ad for the film show up in the DT queue last week, and run its course before I can link to Dadcentric's review, even. And now, hey-ho, here's another review, from Dave Thomas, the guy, who turns out to have been a music journalist in a previous life, and so he's been interviewing these punks since he was still wearing braces.


Which gives Dave the big and small picture both:

Those little punk rock jokes pepper the film. But there's lots of serious matter in there. [Pennywise's Jim] Lindberg illustrates that the touring life you have to endure today as a musician to make a good living doesn't mesh with being a present parent. His situation of being in a band with no other fathers that resent his desire to be home more, versus Rancid with two dads in the group isn't explored enough but makes a difference in the tale as it unfolds.
It sounds like a generational story, and as such, I think I must now track this film down and see it.

The Other F Word - Movie Review [dadtherapy]


Listening all about with Elvis Mitchel on The Treatment.

I think it comes out today in our city. I was going to email you about it, but I saw ads for it on your site! :) I do want to see it.

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