November 8, 2011

Not Just Coveralls: Hobo Linen Coveralls


November's a helluva time to be buying $125 linen outfits for kids who are growing like sporadic bamboo, but these just look flatout awesome.

And while I'm stoked at the use of the vastly underappreciated "hobo," these coveralls strike me as the perfect off-the-clock outfit for a kid learning an honorable trade. Monogramming is inexplicably not available.

Disclosure: modernchild was a pioneering advertiser on

Hobo Linen Coveralls by Matteo, $125 at modern child []


Fits perfectly over your stillsuit.

Looks like something the bad guys would wear in a James Bond flick from the 70s.

hopefully they'll age a little better than the Moonraker Jumpsuit. sheesh.

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