November 1, 2011

Holy Crap, It's Contagion-Meets-12-Monkeys In Waldorf Schools


I'm no wingnut, and I don't like to be put in a position of agreeing with one, but day-um, Bay Area Waldorf people! Look me straight in the eye and expl--well, never mind. Just why the hell are 77% of your kids not vaccinated?

On the other hand, are there really enough of you to make a viable disease vector?

A Shocking Chart on Vaccination [theatlantic]


How bout replacing the picture of the dolls with one of Waldorf salad instead?


haha, nice. maybe a Waldorf Salad Bar, with no sneeze guard.

Those dolls need's just not right without them...LOL

Don't worry, President Perry will fix all this with his Vaccination Camps
(Brought to you with a cheery YEEHAW! by Glaxoâ„¢).

In other news, Study Finds Waldorf Parents Among World's Stupidest.

Seriously, I thought that piece was great. We're talking about educated people spending a crapload of money on private school -- it's easy to joke about them being hippie dimwits but I really do wonder if there's any effective way to address their issues with vaccination.

I've seriously damaged two friendships by challenging people about their decision not to vaccinate, so I sympathize with KJ's admission that she can't manage to raise this topic with her Waldorf-schooling pals. But even when we DO, they don't listen! Clearly whatever efforts the public-health folks are making to allay concerns about vaccines ARE NOT WORKING. So seriously, WHAT DO WE DO?? I do think we have to tighten up the opt-out provisions for public schools, but can we do it for private schools too? HOW, if the schools don't want to alienate the hippies with money by making vaccination mandatory for admission?

it was easier to understand eight years ago, when the possibilities of tainted vaccines, government conspiracies, and autism links hadn't been completely discredited or discovered to be outright fraud and corruption. Now, I just don't know.

The fact is that it has been decades since Americans have suffered from most of the diseases covered by standard vaccinations. It's unfortunate, but an outbreak of some of these "forgotten" diseases might be the best PR the public health advocates could hope for.

So you're saying a secret CDC agent should slip some live measles into the government cheese over at Bay Area Waldorf to make an example of 'em?

Uh oh. Now that I've said that out loud, if anybody at Bay Area Waldorf ever DOES get measles, there will be a million internet vactivists pointing to this comment as proof that it was a government conspiracy.


You just can't win with irrational people.

There have been outbrakes of disease prevented by vaccines. In California the whooping cough is back. In order to attend a public middle school in my area a child has to have proof a recent booster.

Do they serve Gubmint cheese at a Waldorf? Surely their exposure to artisanal raw milk cheeses and unwashed organic produce has Waldorf kids' immune system operating at a level to render vaccination obsolete.

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