October 31, 2011

No More Babies, Please, We Have A Winner


Thanks to all the folks who entered last spring's the United Nation's 7 Billionth Baby! Contest. Because she was born close to midnight and within arm's length of this large UN-prepared photo-op backdrop,Danica May Camacho of Manilla, Philippines turns out to have been exactly #7bn. And just in case, "the UN also symbolically chose several other babies as the world's seven billionth." All winners, actual or symbolic, will receive a minivan stuffed full of delicious Nestle formula.

Everyone else, don't give up. The UN will be looking for the 8 billionth baby in 2013.

Presenting Danica May Camacho Of Manila, Philippines... The World's 7 Billionth Baby [asianscientist.com via tpm]

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