October 31, 2011

Flying First Class


This tweet by Waxy's Andy Baio reminds me how rarely I'm bothered by screaming babies on planes anymore. I find that any annoyance they cause is far outweighed by the relief of knowing I'm not on the hook to shut them up.

Still. Three hours. Yow.


It is amazing how quickly my attitude changed about babies on planes once I had one on my own.

Once my daughter was born, I got cocky. She was awesome on planes and never cried at all, which of course means that I'm an awesome father. Right? Then my son came along, and I learned how wrong I was. He does not fly well, so I am now that guy that keeps getting the glares over the seats because he's screaming. Oh, what fun.

@Daddy Type: Exactly my feelings. In the early past (about three year ago when i didn't have any kids) crying children annoyed the hell out of me. Now I'm deeply relaxed in case they are not mine.

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