October 29, 2011

Bro Earns $100 The Hard Way, Gets Ass Stuck In A Swing

Dude lubed himself up with dish soap and slid into a bucket-style kid swing on a bet last Friday night. Then he got stuck and his friends abandoned him. Had to get cut down by the fire department the next morning, who took him to the ER to cut the swing off. It's not clear that he collected his $100 winnings, but with loser friends like that, it seems doubtful.

man [sic] has to get cut out of kiddie swing [sfgate via boingboing]

UPDATE: Haha, here is the earliest local report, where a pack of East Bay commenters instantly blamed this stunt on Pres. Obama. Classic.

Friends leave man stuck swinging at Vallejo park [timesheraldonline.com]

1 Comment

They sure don't like Obama. Is it like the Fox News of newspapers? They can't say he's a hidden secret Muslim born in Kenya anymore, so now he gets people stuck in swings.

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