October 16, 2011

Bath Bottle Bedtime?

K2 and I were at the playground this afternoon while the kid did her ballet practice. And I SWEAR I don't do the Overheard On The Playground thing, I really don't, and I certainly don't blog about it. So let's just say I imagined the following conversation between two moms&dads of almost one-year-old boys:

Mom 1: How's the sleep thing? Is he doing better?

Mom 2: We're starting sleep training tomorrow.

Dad 2: He was doing better, until the last couple of nights--

Dad 1: Rough?

Dad 2: Oh yeah.

Mom 2: Well, we did keep him up

Dad 2: Yeah, we were out until like 10:30 Friday, and then we had him up until like 11:30

Mom 1: It must be hard to get him into the routine...

Mom 2: Oh, we definitely tried the routine, but he'd just pop up...

Dad 1: Bath, bottle, bedtime?

Dad 2: Just bedtime. And then he doesn't want to wake up for the mid-night feeding.

Oh wait, no, actually, I could not have made that up.

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they say we choose our parents...
give me one sane reason to choose these nutters.
all power to smart dads and fingers crossed for those of us in training

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