October 11, 2011

Bugaboo Wanna De World, Chicco, An Everthinisinnit


It's kind of amazing that Bugaboo hasn't made an adapter for Chicco car seats, but there you go. Anyway, there is one now.

Frankly, when we were shopping for a car seat, one of the deciding factors was the Bugaboo car seat adapter. We did not want a Graco car seat, and we definitely did not want the giant adapter contraption for the Peg Perego, and so we went with the only other car seat Bugaboo made adapters for at the time: Maxi-Cosi. Of course, [starting the walked uphill both ways story now, heads up] we had to find a place in Europe who would ship the adapters to us, since Maxi-Cosi was nowhere near available in the US.

Funny thing, that market absence meant that for several years there, Daddy Types was the top Google search result for Maxi-Cosi, above the company's own website. And now they're in every Target, and I can't bear to write an SEO-optimized headline to save my life; I'd rather quote Scarface. Times change.

No Bugaboo Chicco car seat adapters on Amazon yet, just the others [amazon]
But Magic Beans is taking adapter pre-orders, the Bee or the Cameleon $44.95 [mbeans.com, via publicist]


The good people at Baby Trend manage to engineer the Snap-N-Go to fit just about every infant seat. (Of course they also manage to engineer the thing to steer like a shopping cart with a bad wheel.) Even that flipped over wooden restaurant high chair can accommodate a range of car seats. Leave it to the high end stroller manufacturers to sell us $50 adapters are good for only one specific car seat.

Oh puhleez, there is a HUGE difference between a Baby Trend Snap n Go and a Bugaboo, u just cant compare!! Spend money, if not, then just be quiet.

Just ordered bugaboo chicco adaptor from pampered tots - so excited they finally have one!

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