October 8, 2011

Eames Planking


It's the little metadata differences.

Somehow, Andrew from an ambitious project collapsing found this sweet 1948 photo from Google's LIFE Magazine photo archive and sent it along.

Maybe if, instead of

Rocky Stensrud, Jr., using children's chairs in a modern home to make a train upon which he can sleep.
LIFE's caption had read,
something something, Minnesota, Holy smokes, that's $20,000 worth of Eames molded plywood kids chairs! Stop planking!
it might have been discovered it sooner.

LIFE magazine photo of a kid sacked out on some Eames chairs, Sept. 1948, by photographer: Joseph Scherschel [LIFE/google]
Rocky Jr. goofin' under a Noguchi coffee table; on top of an Aalto table; and oh, nothing, just climbing along the top of the bookcase! At least he seems to have survived this modernist ordeal [rockwellstensrud.com]

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These photos are incredible. Did you happen to click through to see the craziest modern hammock ever? http://images.google.com/hosted/life/l?imgurl=fbc8a105946de037

Love your blog, btw. Have been lurking for a while now -- drawn in by a mutual love of Creative Playthings. Thanks for all you do.

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