October 8, 2011

DTQ: Supergraphic Play Cubes In A Modernist Maine Cabin?


Alright, let's figure this one out. Here's a LIFE magazine picture of an otherwise unidentified "Modern Home" in Maine, circa 1969, shot by longtime staff photographer Mark Kauffman.

There are a few other images in the set, but no other information that identifies the homeowner, the location, the architect, or--the goal here--the story behind these supergraphic-style, kid-sized play cube/table things.


I can't quite figure out what's going on here. Those tabletops on the left look pretty superfluous to me. Otherwise, the cube-like furniture does seem fairly representative of the Golden Age of DIY Painted Plywood Modernism, as seen in plans like Arvid Orbeck's double twin beds for Sunset Magazine. And Richard Dattner's slot-together plywood play structure for the Central Park West adventure playground.

Anyway, suggestions are welcome.

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