October 7, 2011

Kings Of The Hill: Putin & Medvedev Coloring Book


Supporters of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev have published one of those crappy-looking propaganda coloring books which are intended to get media attention from press release-suckered wire service photographers, not actually be any good at all for a kid to color. Vovo and Dima depicts the duo as a playful pair of best friends who have all sorts of harmless fun and inspire the youth of the Mother Russia.

Or maybe they're satirists of Putin and Medvedev who don't want to be jailed, hounded, driven into bankrupt obscurity, or killed or whatever happens to people who cross the president[s]. I can't see Russia from my house, so I have no real idea.

Russia's Putin and Medvedev are children's book heroes [news352.lu via dadwagon's @thornburgh, I think. image: afp]

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