October 6, 2011

Im Memoriam: The Kid's First iPhone


I really wasn't going to post anything about Steve Jobs here, but then I started watching his 2007 unveiling of the iPhone [via kottke], and I kind of inexplicably found myself choking up over the scrolling demo, and the crowd's stunned reaction to Jobs pinch&zooming a photo.

And I remembered the kid's first iPhone, knitted as a blog joke by my mom. And how slightly ridiculous it seemed to make such a kid-accessible phone.

And then last year, not long after she turned two, I sat K2 on a table at the Apple store, and watched as she took a chained-down iPad onto her lap and just started using it like it was the most normal thing in the world. And for her world, it is.

My Mom Hand-Knit an iPhone


You know, I still haven't actually seen an iPhone in person. I hear they're neat, though.

But I do still have my MacPlus, so that's something.

Is it a Iphone5 umm sorry Iphone4s :)
Better than Apples's

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