September 27, 2011

Hitler For Bedtime In Germany


First the Klan, now the Nazis, Why didn't anyone tell me it was happy happy joy joy week here at Daddy Types?

A new kids' book by Gerda Raidt and Christa Holtei, Die Strasse doesn't so much tell the difficult history of 20th century Germany, as provide a platform for parents to discuss it:

A series of double-page spreads in the style of the "Where's Waldo?" books shows how the street changes over the decades from 1911 to the present day.

"It's a book that you can look at with the whole family," says co-author Christa Holtei. "Everyone can talk about their memories of the time and explain a bit about how things were."

So you can look closely and see the Jewish shopkeeper's windows being smashed, or notice in the postwar devastation spread, the portrait of Hitler has been relegated to the attic. Because the frame was too nice to throw out, probably.

Where's Adolf? | Tackling Germany's Nazi Past in a Children's Book []
You can kaufen Die Stra├če: Eine Bilderreise durch 100 Jahre. at Amazon Germany for EUR14.95 []


Hope there are some pictures of Germany's most influential archtitect, too. Bomber Harris.

oddly, it sounds like they skip right from the 1930s to the postwar period.

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