September 21, 2011

Mad Typing Skillz Roundup

Read these important things:

Are people just paranoid about using family-friendly programs at work, or are their companies really after them? I can't tell. [wsj, probably via @workingdad]

Figures that Dadwagon was into Park Slope Rock School PARIS before it even opened. Those guys are so cool. [dadwagon]

Considering how much Star Wars kid stuff has been on DT over the years, I can't believe this is happening, but the George Lucas Menace and licensing crapfest has worn me down, and I, too am ready to let go of Star Wars. [avclub]

HOLY SMOKES, MAZELTOV, FTRAIN! You guys are gonna be awesome parents. [ftrain]

1 Comment

I too find all the mods pretty jarring and disruptive but that's only because of my familiarity with the originals. I don't think any of these changes make the Star Wars universe any less magical for generations that are experiencing it for the first time. I am bothered by Lucas' efforts only in the sense that it's a money grab. I don't fault him for trying to keep his employees busy nor for his drive to improve his masterpieces. What he doesn't realize is that what makes Star Wars so perfect has nothing to do with effects. Star Wars is better than Avatar, for example, because its just much more compelling. The effects in Avatar could not close that gap and new effects in Star Wars will not widen it.

[ed note: moved from the clone wars post.]

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