September 17, 2011

There's Something About Ginger


European sperm banks: it's the little differences! So many things in this Telegraph story about Cryos, "the world's largest sperm bank," just seem odd.

The ostensible news here: "Sperm bank turns down redheads." Which, whatever, it's Denmark, so fine. But.

"Ole Schou, Cryos's director, said that there had been a surge in donations in recent years, allowing the facility to become much more picky about its donors."

So was it not picky before? Also.

"Cryos's stores have now reached their peak capacity of 70 litres of semen, and Mr Schou has a waiting list of 600 donors."


The world's largest sperm bank only has a 70 liter capacity? Really? I guess if they reported it in terms of inventory, as the number of 0.5ml straws available, it might sound more impressive, but still.

Also, a donor waitlist? I understand that a lot of a sperm bank's costs are frontloaded into the sperm collection and processing phase. But if you're "becoming much more picky," wouldn't you want to raise the overall performance and quality of your sperm inventory? Pull that high quality sperm off the waitlist, and send some of that mediocre legacy sperm down to the minors? Maybe by setting up some kind of brackets system?

It just makes no sense.

Sperm bank turns down redheads. [telegraph uk via offended ginger @tcarmody]


Nice stock photography....

you like that? I was trying to figure out the best way to illustrate 70 liters. The shopping and hair angles were just a bonus.

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