August 26, 2011


Oh man, I am not going to link to it, I am not going to suggest you see it, I barely even want to mention the involved parties by name. But HOLY SMOKES, the OK Go version of The Muppet Show anthem is utterly and completely horrible and wrong in just about every way.

It starts out kind of shockingly bad, and then you hang with it for a while, wondering if they'll be able to pull it out of the dive, and no, and then by the end you're just like, holy crap, shoot me. And then it doesn't end. And doesn't end. And doesn't end. And it's like they knew how wrong it was to make, so they just went all out, the check's waiting, and there's nothing left to lose.

I am sorry. I am an old, loser curmudgeon with no taste or sense of humor or marketing savvy. So be it, but I will not watch that synthetic piece of crap again, and I will not let it anywhere near my kids. Ever.

Just take me know, Irene, I've said my peace.


I've avoided watching.

But now, after reading this, you realize that I'm going to have to watch, don't you?

It's the train-wreck effect.

Ok, I'm back having watched.

It's not horrible so much as...completely unnecessary and missing the point, unless the point is to promote and sell out the Muppets and OkGo.

i would call that the more reasonable man's opinion. I'd like to think if I'd been in a better mood when I started watching it, or maybe if I hadn't been so oversold on it, I might have come to the same, very accurate conclusion as you.

Sad thing is, not only is it not a good version of the Muppet Theme, it's not a good Ok Go song either. I mean, when I heard they were doing it, I thought it'd be at least interesting. But if I didn't know it was them, I'd never guess it.

I'm glad to see someone else criticizing this thing. Several friends I respect seemed to really like it on facebook, but I was pretty underwhelmed.

OK Go's videos (at least the treadmill one and the Rube Goldberg one--I haven't seen any others) are awesome because they take a simple funny idea and execute it on the next level.

The Muppets are (were) awesome because they're witty and a little subversive. Or at least they were 30 years ago.

But throwing a big budget at shooting a video for a boring song where they just lazily visually reference OK Go videos while the Muppets go about their zany antics is emphatically not awesome. It's kinda cute but kinda pandering at best. And full on insulting to my intelligence at worst.

As far as corporate viral videos go, I'll take five Swagger Wagons over an OK Go Muppet Show Theme any day.

I peeked and cringed. EUGH, EUGH AND THRICE EUGH!!!

I didn't like it a lot, but I don't like OK Go much and I'm not crazy about anything Muppets after The Great Muppet Caper, which was released thirty years ago. (Mind you, I'm talking about Muppet Show Muppets here... Fraggle Rock was some great TV, and there are probably other good things to come out of that studio too). As for OK Go, I always find them to be pandering, so this seemed like a natural fit for them.

The one thing I liked in the cover was having the OK Go guys voice the box seat critics "Why do we always come here..." lines. Felt a bit more meta to have it voiced by the same people singing the main lyrics.

The contortions they went through to lengthen it to pop-song conventions, and then some ill-conceived humor piece length after that, were painful.

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