August 20, 2011

The Future Will Be Kickstarted


Someday in The Future, an idealistic English teacher in Beijing with some furniture sketches and a translator friend will commission a giant furniture manufacturer like Beijing Jiangshan Country Home Decoration Company, Ltd., to make desks for the classroom in his Christian mission/school.

And then he will show the furniture factory his other designs, like for a bent ply frog chair/table, and they will add them to the offerings of their kid's furniture subsidiary.


And then after the pieces are in production, he will try to break into the US market by pre-selling at least one twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU)'s worth of merchandise online.


And so he and the translator will launch a Kickstarter project, and The Future being The Future, every consumer will have grown up with the same childhood dream to one day "pre-sell enough of our conglomerate's existing products to fill a shipping container, and thus net us $15,000 upfront with no carrying costs!"

And so it will be eagerly subscribed to, and the venture's canny praises will be sung. And it will be glorious.

And the people in The Future will look back at August 22nd, 2011, and they'll know whether folks behind the Klinko Kids 3-in-1 Frog Chair/Table ushered in that Future by managing to sell the last 280 or so chairs needed for that TEU in the last 43 41 hours of their Kickstarter campaign. Or whether they ended up pushing it back a week because they were just slightly too cagey about their setup.

3-in-1 Little Frog Versatile Kids Furniture, campaign ends Aug. 22 [kickstarter via dt reader michael]
article: 北京课灵科儿童创意家具 [, google translate]
Beijing Jiangshan Jingyijia Juzuangshi Youxian Gongsi [, google translate]

Klinko Kids Chinese B2B site []

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