August 18, 2011

It Gets Better: Dad Owns Up To Rocker Past

On the one hand, we have Jon Bon Jovi and his drummer starting a stroller company. And Steven Malkmus in a baby sling. And the moms from Blink 182 starting a nursery furniture company. And the Rossdale-Stefanis, whoo-boy. And basically everyone within a hundred miles of the set of Yo Gabba Gabba.

And on the other, we have Clay Tarver, the guitar player for some 90s group called Chavez, who somehow couldn't bring himself to tell his kids that he'd been in a band until after he got back from performing at Matador Records' 21st Anniversary party in Las Vegas.

Yeah, you may have to edit some stories for a while, but BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE, MUSICIANS! Play your cards right, and there may be a Muppet cover album in your future!

The Secret Life of A Rock Dad [nyt via dt rockstar dt]

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