August 15, 2011

Uruk-Hai There!


What am I supposed to do with this one? So K2 and I plopped down to watch some TV yesterday afternoon, and the first Lord of the Rings movie was near the end, so I paused in our channel surfing to watch it. And maybe she recognized the kid from dancy-dance time, or she was transfixed by the glittery Elf queen, but the shrimp wouldn't let me change the channel. And once the Uruk-hai showed up, she didn't even want me to put the channel guide on. After maybe 15 minutes they started hacking people up, and I was like, hmm, gotta draw the line somewhere. So I changed it to Wow Wow Wubzy, and then I went to get a drink.

Not two minutes go by before K2 is scurrying out of the room, telling me that the Growly Gus is too scary. She proceeds to do this three more times in the course of 10 minutes. Finally, I'm like, dude. And we flipped it back just in time to see Sam start to drown while chasing Frodo's boat.

And then K2's all bummed it's over, because when are they going to get to the volcano? And I'm all, it's barely begun, you have no idea.

non-photoshopped image of actor Lawrence Makoare scaring the crap out of a 4-yo visitor to the London Science Museum in 2003 []

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Whoa, and here I was feeling bad about letting the toddler see a few minutes of 3d animated troopers get shot in Clone Wars.

I'm holding off on LOTR at all (with the older kid, I mean), really want to read the Hobbit with her first, thus continuing the tradition of doing things in the right order that I've established by showing her the Star Wars films in the order they were made (, damnit).

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