August 15, 2011

A Baby Pallet Chair By Studiomama In Every Playroom!


Nina Tolstrup and her design practice Studiomama have been on DT before, for the awesome Kids' House she created in 2008, the one with the Lego and chalkboard walls.

Now pieces her breakout Pallet Project [2006] are available at Projectory, an art & design shop at the Park Avenue location of auctioneers Phillips de Pury & Co. Among the offerings: the Baby Pallet Chair.

I think the Phillips catalogue copy really gets to the essence:

Nina Tolstrop's Pallet Project is all about the social changes needed now: self-sufficiency, reusability, accessibility, utility and metamorphosis. The project takes the cheap wasted wood of pallets and transforms it - through the alchemy of very simple instructions - into functional furniture.
A gallery owner in Argentina took Tolstrup's "open source designs" and created a charity workshop
that seeks to offer dignified work to those who are vulnerable. In collaboration with Tolstrup, 'Amistad o Nada' makes and sells pallet chairs, using the profits to expand the workshops and engage more unemployed people from the slums, giving them both a source of income and hope for the future.
Which sounds adorable. If only there were poor or unemployed people in the US, Phillips could've turned their storefront into a Pallet Project workshop, too. Because more $360 high-concept kids chairs is just the social change that's needed right now.

Studiomama: baby pallet chair, $360 []
Buy plans to build your own Pallet Chairs, hi & lo, in various sizes, for just £10 []
Oh, look, plans for the Kids' House are available, too, for £50.
For those with no house of any sort, however, the Outdoor Kitchen plans are free.
Previously: Sweet Kidshouse from Studiomama

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