August 10, 2011

Now That's A Fire!


Hot enough to fry an egg or a dog's brain? Sure. But hot enough to rain shards of melted plastic playground canopy down on your innocent child's head? Hmm.

Even though this photo turns out to not be the effects of apocalyptic global climate change, but the aftermath of a playground fire in Mission Bend, Texas--covered by crack, on-the-spot, 911 scanner-wielding photographer Ryche Guerrero, see more of his exciting photos here--it can still teach us two important lessons:

1) bloggers often just cold make shit up to amuse themselves, and

2) anarchic gangs of bored, teen arsonists are now wilding out of control across the suburbs of Houston in souped-up, stolen Yukons, torching everything in their path in their relentless search for more gas.

I may have gotten those out of order.

Playground melts in extreme Texas heat [inquisitr via dt reader/expert in such things, jj daddy-o]
INCIDENT: Playground Fire, Beechnut @ Feliza, Houston, TX, June 12, 2011 []

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