August 5, 2011

DIY Bugaboo Repairs Do Not Cost $25.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up blogging about bullshit Bugaboo repair stories.

I saw the Instructables post right before I left for a conference, but the number of people sending it in tells me it's kind of going nuts put there. [OR that I'm people's go-to guy for nutty Bugaboo stories. Maybe there'll be a blog award contest for that someday?]

Anyway, let's be real. The guy who decided to use an online 3D printing service to fabricate an internal part for his broken Bugaboo Cameleon frame for $25, rather than pay $250 and send the rig in to the company, is an industrial designer. The fact that Step 3 of his Instructable is, "recreate the part in CAD and have it printed in stainless steel" or whatever should be a clue.


Set aside the question of what actualy costs $250 here, because I'm pretty sure it's not the part, but the repair. And the roundtrip shipping of the frame.

But that's fine, the out-of-pocket expense is still a valid basis for comparison. To an extent

Because, let's imagine together the firestorm of criticism or complaint that would descend on Bugaboo's corporate head if they sent out critical internal parts and encouraged DIY home repair. Even after the warranty runs out, the company is still on the hook for product safety and product liability. Can you just play that scenario out in your head for a minute? I mean, it'd be a dadblogger's paradise, but from a premium stroller standpoint, it'd be totally nuts.

How to repair a Bugaboo Pram with 3D printing [ via boingboing]


I just sold a cameleon frame plus shipping on eBay for $90. Maybe you could look there.

Never would have these problems if they'd just purchased NZ-era Mountain Buggies....

I can't imagine actually trying to do that. I mean, I had a tube go bad once, but what are you doing to your Bugaboo with your child in it that requires that kind of repair? I wish though, that they made double strollers for infant and toddler but the donkey seems forever in the future.

When Bugaboos had pneumatic tires I had many friends go to the specialty baby shop and drop $20 for a new tube when the bike shop across the street sold that size tube for $3. So I guess the 10x premium for service is acceptable to the typical Bugaboo buyer.
But +1 on Erik's comment. Mountain Buggies are virtually indestructible and perform as ruggedly or gracefully as the situation demands.

It's all true. I repair Bugaboos in New Zealand I'm the Bugaboo Guru on under my email name macnutz and have a Face Book page as Bugaboo Repair Guy. I used to get parts laser cut by CNC but now use the 3D parts for half the price. I also got the disks drawn up in both left and right as they often fail in pre 2006 Chassis.

does anyone know who fixes Bugaboos in NYC or NJ?

i have the broken part and just need installation. the only repair people i have found are in UK or overseas. anyone have any recommendations?

@joe momma - contact allison or carolyn @ They run our New York location and they are certified for Bugaboo repairs. Also, give me a call with any questions @415.342.9090. I'm the mom who started the business 6 years ago because I wanted to learn more about the gear I was pushing my little one around all day.

Hi I live in melb Australia. I have a bugaboo chameleon needs the tyres replaced is there anywhere in Australia where they do it. It's not under warranty anymore.

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