August 1, 2011

Huggies Slip-Ons: Pull-Up Technology And Pricing, Now In Diaper Format


I am not really sure that slip-on diapers are really as "game-changing" as Huggies VP Eric Seidel wants them to be. I mean, they are just up-crystalled, downsized Pull-Ups capable of "handling multiple insults." But I am always glad to see folks from Big Diaper talking shop and throwing around their lingo in the NY Times.

Also, you'd think by now they could come up with a less judgmental, less uptight, more servicey, solutiony term than "insult."

Any suggestions? Feel free to make them in the comments. Not that any diaper execs will see them, since they spend their entire $50 million ad budget only on "moms."

Making The Diaper Change Easier []
Buy Huggies Little Mover Slip-ons from Amazon for--wow, $0.47/apiece... [amazon]
Compared to just $0.25/ea for regular Little Movers Diapers...
...and $0.35-0.41/ea. for regular 2T Pull-Ups. Now that's game-changing!


Call them what the PR people call them: "releases"

oh, man, that is brilliant.

You can slip them on, but then you have to take the kid's pants off all the way, so is it really worth it? We use cloth, but when we were traveling a month ago we used pull ups and I would not buy the generic kind that didn't have velcro on the sides. Take my 2 year old's pants and shoes off just to get a pull up on at a rest area? No thanks. I wonder if these have velcro sides. Who cares? My kid's potty trained now- woo hoo!

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