July 24, 2011

DTQ: Co-Sleeping On The Road?

I fear I discovered DT reader Brett's email too late to help them on their trip, but maybe someone else can still benefit from some advice from experienced traveling co-sleepers:

Our family is going on a trip soon. Staying at relatives, hotels, etc. We've been co-sleeping with our toddler (14 months), but we're not sure how we should arrange it on the trip. Any suggestions? Compact travel railings? sleeping pads? inflatable mattress? We're open to a wide range of options.
We've never really done co-sleeping, but we've had our fair share of newborn and toddler travel. We've used hotel cribs, bought folding cribs [which we've left behind at relatives' houses, because let's face it, no one wants to port around one of those supposedly portable cribs], and occasionally made little blanket nests on the floor. Otherwise, wherever we go, we just try to make some consistent connections to the kid's bedtime routine: we bring a little blanket from home, one snuggly toy, maybe a book.

Anyone? Bueller?


We're pretty big fans of the KidCo Peapod. Our DD sleeps about as well in that as she sleeps in anything.

We usually just make sure the baby ends up in the middle. My baby's mom and I are both pretty small folks, and our baby doesn't much care where he sleeps, so I can see how this wouldn't be a solution for everyone. But it's a nice, low-tech solve if you can swing it.

Interesting, this is how we've dealt with a kid who wakes up waaay too early, too, when we're in the same hotel/guest room: to put her in the middle of the bed and coax her back to sleep.

We usually just put the kid in the middle as well. Another option is this: http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Bumpers-Portable-Child-Safety/dp/B003KEMMNG/ref=sr_1_2?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1311595027&sr=1-2

We got a lot of good use out of the Phil & Teds T2. It's very portable but setups and take downs are not fast. (The replacement for the T2 might be easier but I don't know.)

we had lots of use out of our pack'n'play. heavy, but set-up and take down is a breeze. i've heard of companies that specialize in renting out port-a-cribs and other baby items, so you don't have to tote them all. they should probably look into that while staying at relatives'.

I'm not sure I understand the issue. Why wouldn't you co-sleep in the same manner as at home?

If we have access to a big enough bed (queen or larger) we co-sleep on the road the same way we do at home--Daddy takes one side, Momma and the Baby take the other.

In a smaller bed (full or twin) situation Momma and the Baby share while Daddy uses the second bed (hotels) orcouch (friends/family),

With multiple children--we have three kids under five years old--the older two share the second bed (in hotels) or use sleeping bags (family/friends) while Daddy fends for himself. Many hotels offer a roll-away bed for an additional charge.

As mentioned before I don't see any reason not to Co-sleep while on the road. We just did it with two tiny beds on a Greek island: just put the beds together instead of having a side table between them (beds were heavy enough, otherwise I might have used some strings to keep them together). Then we filled the gap with some winter blankets from the wardrobe. The little one was sleeping in the middle (taking over more space than He needs during the nights twists and turns...lol).
On travels where we want him to stay put in a room without us (for example partys at friends houses) we are very happy with the Samsonite Travel cot. Very lightweight, assembled in a minute or so and its like His own Little stylish bubble. Also Great as a shelter from moskitos and bees in summer. It might look small, but even I can crouch myself into with 1.85 meters height.

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