July 21, 2011

WTFPlayhouses Of The Glorious Revolution

Now I know a thing or two about inordinately expensive playhouses. And I love Houston. And yes, it's true, I was an Internet pioneer-turned-blogger and have posed for Playboy. So you may be thinking it's hard to tell me and Kristi "Lucy Lipps" Schiller apart.

When Ms. Schiller says she thinks of a $50,000, 2-story, Cape Cod playhouse "as bling for the yard," she means it as a point of pride. When I say it, it's to explain why I've torn it down. Ta-cky.

Playhouses: Child's Play, Grown-Up Cash [nyt]

Playhouse-sized Bridgehampton farmstand

Un. Be. Lievable Modernist Playhouse by David Mann, once at Takashimaya
Sick Thomas Phifer Modernist Treehouse on Long Island somewhere
Neutra-inspired Ur-Hipster Playhouse


How is it that you get comment spam when half the time I can't my own comments to post?

Oh, and by the way, people with $250,000 playhouses will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. No Pasaran!

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