July 14, 2011

ID This Steampunked Vintage Stroller/Rider Thing

While prowling the playground, Mike spotted a rather insane, vintage stroller/rider/whatsis that looks like it had been given a suitably steampunky spray job:

I saw this old timey child's perambulation device at the park the other day and just about screamed for joy at the convergence of art deco-steampunk awesomeness of it. I sort of stalked around it for a while, hoping the owner might show up to ask what the hell I was doing, just so I could figure out where they got it or even how they made it. No luck. My guess is they found it on eBay and had the same little catch in their breath as I did when I first saw it.

"To the park, Rocketeer Baby! Hop in!"

I have no idea what it is; I'd guess it's from the 60s, but then, its washbucket profile reminds me of those weird loaner prams at the National Gallery of Art, which can't be older than the building [1976], can they?

Anyway, have a look and a guess; Mike posted a photo of the rig on his dadblog, Cry It Out.

The greatest push ... thing in the world [mikeadamick.com]


1940s -- My mom had one of these when she was small. Search for "Taylor Tot" or follow the search link below:

There's a TON of those on eBay (a pretty sweet blue one for 40 clams):



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