July 4, 2011

Phil & Teds & The Recall Down Under

It looks like the Phil & Teds recall of two models that began its home country of New Zealand a couple of weeks ago has spread to neighboring Australia. Kind of. Actually, no, not at all. Not even close.

The company's just decided to start giving away new stroller frames to Aussies who purchased Explorer and Hammerhead models manufactured between June 2010 and January 2011 [check the serial numbers], that's all. Those faulty brakes are just a coincidence. A flesh wound.

Though no US announcement has been made, it's probably only a matter of time. Recalls--and dodging them--are turning out to be one of Phil & Teds' core competencies.

Hazardous brakes prompt stroller recall [nzhearald.co.nz via dt reader howard]
Ah, you know what, it's a recall: FREE FRAME SWAP FOR EARLY MODEL EXPLORER AND HAMMERHEAD BUGGIES [bubs.com.au]

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