June 30, 2011

Bjork Is The New Piano Lessons


Bjork's next album, Biophilia is also going to be a suite of iPad apps that serve as control panels for remixing and altering the songs, for playing musical instruments she created, and for learning and composing music using databases of recorded natural sounds and non-traditional, non-Western musicological notation. Then this:

Then National Geographic contacted me about getting on their label, which was exciting because, at that point, I was off all of my contracts. I was sort of in the same position that Radiohead was a few years ago. So I was like, "Wow, I want to be label mates with the sharks and lemurs!" We talked about it and I was hanging out in their head offices in Washington, D.C., a lot. The contract thing didn't happen in the end, but they actually asked me to be a music explorer in residence.
Music explorer in residence, people.

And the whole thing is designed, not for kids, necessarily, but with kids in mind:

It's like how kids are told, "If you train many hours a day for 10 years, you might get VIP access to this elite world." But not everybody wants to be a performer in a symphony orchestra, and kids are not encouraged to write songs and find their own style. That age is perfect for making things because you don't have inhibitions; if you start developing your own musical language at 10, imagine how great it would be 20 years later.
Bjork is Icelandic Tiger Mom.

Pitchfork Interviews: Bjork [pitchfork.com via @frieze_magazine]
Bjork.com is already showing the Biophilia effect [bjork.com]

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