June 28, 2011

Lonely Doll Meets Lost Library RIGHT NOW

OK, I'm freaking out a little bit right now. On June 28, 2006, exactly five years ago today, DT published Marjorie's review of The Lonely Doll as part of the Daddy Types Bizarre Childrens Book Contest.

The Lonely Doll was the first of ten children's books by model-turned-photographer/author Dare Wright, and boy, are they freaky.


Anyway, flash forward to June 28, 2011, and New York artist Joy Garnett's ongoing #LostLibrary project. Garnett's liberating her book collection by placing thematically organized stacks of books around SoHo, and then posting a photo of the stacks on Twitter, so folks can scurry over and take them.

And what just turned up, minutes ago, on Greene Street, between Broome and Grand? "The Lonely Doll and dreamscape architecture."


Hop to, unless they are too freaky for you, which they very well may be.

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Follow #LostLibrary on Joy Garnett's Twitter or Tumblr [twitter, tumblr]
Too slow? Freak yourself out with Dare Wright's Lonely Doll books on Amazon [amazon]

1 Comment

Freaky, you say? Gosh, even if I am an adult, I'm scared by Lonely Doll! My wife find me silly, but I don't want to show it to my son!

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