June 23, 2011

Alot To Chew On

Sorry, it's been kind of a hectic week offline. But then just when I think I have taken on too many things, I get a press release like this one--

Unique children's book tackles issues from rescue animals to domestic violence

First-time author Janus Moncur shows her courage in her new novel Rusty-n-Nikki. The book, written for a younger audience, is not afraid to tackle some tough subjects, including domestic violence, puppy mills, and animal abuse.

and I feel like I've got a pretty OK handle on things after all. Carry on!


my name is karin and i'm new to this blog. Just 7 weeks pregnant. Looking forward reading a lot of articles. So i'm glad you're carrying on:)

It's those little bits of news that arrive that make you realize how good you have it. Pretty interesting topic for a kids book, will have to check it out if it ever comes to our library.

I can't help but wonder if many of these "daring subjects" books/cards/toys are more about attention-getting or upsetting cultural norms.

(also..."A **cough** lot")

I can guarantee that Rusty -n- Nikki was written out of love and not as attention getting or to upset any cultural norms. In fact, no - that's not necessarily true...I did want to bring attention to the great pets waiting for adoption by "Good" ones and the fact that no one should put up with abuse of any kind - not from bullies at school and certainly not from someone who is supposed to love you. Just a little book from someone that cared enough to self-publish to try to make a tiny bit of difference for someone in this world - whether it be a little human or a little animal - Love, Janus :)

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