June 20, 2011

The Playtown Real Estate Market Is Bouncing Back!


Green shoots! Here is a bright spot in the real estate-obsessed economy of Southern California: this week LA Modern is auctioning a vintage Playtown Garage from Creative Playthings, which comes with car, gas pumps, roof hoist, and a bed [?] or two [??]--in the original box! The estimate is a rather bubbly $500-600.

Yes, the condition is a bit fixer-upper, if not flatout bring-your-architect, but it's not a teardown. And it comes with the original box! Which you can take apart and use as a mattress when your short sale falls through and you're forced to move to a picnic table in the Santa Monica Mountains.

UPDATE: $130. Sounds high by just about the amount of the auction premium. Stick to eBay, people.

Lot 297: Creative Playthings Playtown Garage, est. $500-600 [lamodern.com]

1 Comment

I think I've got a couple of those around here somewhere if anybody is itching to pay $500 for one of them...

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