June 20, 2011

Mima Kids Strollers di Artisti! Personallizato!

Mima Kobi stroller customized by Milanese architect/designer Antonio Pio Giovanditto, ends Jun. 30

In 2009, the Spanish premium baby start-up Mima won the Innovation award at the huge K+J expo for their Kobi stroller, which converts from carrycot to seat and single to double in just seconds.

Mima stroller customized by Hiroshi Ono, auction ends Jun 30

In April, Mima unveiled several customized strollers at the Salone in Milan, promoting their sleek rigs as the ideal urban canvas for artistic expression.

Mima customized by Lorenzo Gecchelin, auction ends Jun 22

And now, as surely as glowing coverage follows press releases, the original, artist-modded strollers are being auctioned on eBay Italia, with all proceeds going to support UNICEF programs in Africa.

Mima by Mima designer Danny Kho, auction ends Jun. 22

By starting all the bidding at EUR1500, one could argue that Mima has taken a bit of the auctioning out of the sales. With two days left on the first pair of strollers, only Mima designer Danny Kho's stroller has so far generated multiple bids. So while your chances for a scoring a bargain are slim, your chances for winning a customized luxo-stroller are pretty high.

See all four Mima Kids Artist-modded UNICEFmobiles, currently around EUR1500, with auctions ending on Jun 22 or 30th [ebay.it via publicist]
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They look gorgeous but I wonder how functional they are. They don't seem to have a lot of storage underneath and I find the cup holder and try on the handle of my stroller to be indispensable.

What a beautifully designed stroller. I like it. It looks solid and sturdy, nice big wheels to help get you getting around corners. I do wonder about the carriage holder as it doesn't look that sturdy.
It looks like just 2 plastic hinges holding the carriage in place. I would love to take it for a test walk though.

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