June 7, 2011

Now Bruce Conner's Child Can Creep You Out, Too


Renegade San Francisco artist Bruce Conner's gory, creepy 1959-60 sculpture Child has been in my browser tabs so long, I've forgotten which hardened criminal's death sentence he was protesting by making it.

I do remember reading about how the figure's proportions are more those of a miniature adult than an actual child. Which is curator-speak for, "this mini-me has a maxi-me penis."

I also remember reading that the condition of Child may have deteriorated so much over the years, that MoMA will never be able to show it again. But no one's talking about that.

On the bright side, clear out the cobwebs and the mummy, and you're left with a simple, rough-hewn high chair, which seems like a very nice concept.

Five for Friday [moma.org]

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