June 3, 2011

Chavs Are Tickety-Boo, Daddy Types Tweeted

You know, I try to put out a site that's useful, relevant. Brings new information to light. Maybe has some decent writing, interspersed now and then with an entertaining picture of a baby, a stroller.

But I tell you, if the BBC puts out more than one piece a year that's as awesome as this story on chavs, I may have to throw in the towel. I mean, where to even start? I couldn't put these words together like this if I typed a million years:

There have always been regional labels equivalent to chav - skangers, spides, charvers, scallies and neds, respectively in Ireland, Northern Ireland, North East England, North West England and Scotland. But chav has somehow scaled regional barriers to become a national term of abuse.

Driven by websites like Chavscum and Chavtowns, and soon picked up by the mainstream media, the word has also mutated into "chavtastic", "chavsters", "chavette", "chavdom".

There are plenty of people for whom the word is harmless. Daily Telegraph blogger James Delingpole argues it's a harmless updating of "oik"


But last week a Lib Dem peer on that very commission caused controversy by using the term on twitter: "Help. Trapped in a queue in chav-land! Woman behind me explaining latest Eastenders plot to mate, while eating largest bun I've ever seen," Baroness Hussein-Ece tweeted.

Why is 'chav' still controversial? [bbc.co.uk]


Alas, this is the only post of yours with the Chavs tag...

whoops, the previous tag I'd used was "chavtastic." They're all chavs now, though. thanks.

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