June 2, 2011

Test Tube Daddy

Whoa, Science blogger Adam Ruben goes all out on the scientist nerd-dad thing:

I don't know how other prospective fathers treat their wives' pregnancies, but I saw it as a science project. It had a protocol, parameters, a timeline, and even the one item that makes funding agencies happy: a deliverable. I found myself poking at my wife's abdomen, asking, "Who's Daddy's little gestating blastocyst? Who's recapitulating phylogeny?"
Whose Bubbie is going to start demanding they replicate the results?

You will want to check out the procreation-as-peer-reviewed-journal-article, too. Meanwhile, Mazeltov to the Rubens and their newest collaborator.

Fetus Don't Fail Me Now [sciencemag.org via boingboing]

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